Attract the market.
Attract funding.

We help new technology products get noticed.


Your product. Our digital strategy.Our engineers market your product to get the recognition you need and deserve.


Superior Design. Branding and web development for new products launching into the market.

Distinct features, elegant systems, and novel ideas all deserve to enter the market in style. With our unique collateral for your product, pitching your new idea is simple. We offer specialized product manuals, brochures, line-cards and spec-sheets. Add in a bit of our advanced design and one of our beautiful websites, and we assure you that you will make quite an entrance.

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Rich Technical Content. Expert content to grab the attention of engineers and their decision-makers.

IM’s team is comprised of technology experts that specialize in working with cutting edge product research and development. Our group of technologists has capabilities that collectively satisfy every need for developing rich technical content for your target audience. Our interest in contributing to your success is based on an appreciation for science and engineering that runs deep.

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Are you a startup? We’ve got you covered.In 2015, we released affordable marketing packages for innovators everywhere.




The Pitch

You may not be the smartest person in the room, and you don’t have to be. Investors today want a message that is short and sweet…and we can help you develop both. Our Pitch Package is developed to show them that you’ve thought out the message and that you’ve also taken the first step to make it concise and attractive to your market.
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The Founder

A simple well thought-out message can show that you’re interested in your customers. In return, you gain credibility and that leads to market-share. Our technology experts come quickly up to speed on your products and services and articulate messaging that will attract business. Intelligent design and aesthetic included.
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Go-To Market

Sales are coming in and now it’s time to warm up the market and take action. A sharp message and a history of competence is what they want to see. While you fine-tune your product and services, investing energy into presentation will provide customers the confidence they need to continue their relationship with you.
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Our Partners

Injected Media (IM) is proud to be part of an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, business experts, and tech innovators. We work with our unique partners on initiatives that foster both tech and business growth around Tucson and Arizona. Our support network includes scientists and engineers (technologists both in industry and academia), leading business minds, and investors who specialize in tech markets.