$50,000 Arizona-Only Marketing Grant for Small Businesses Affected by COVID19

Tucson-Based Digital Marketing Company Observes Small-Business Owners Struggling Online, Employees Taking The Hit, and Creates Grant to Help

(Tucson, Arizona – April 20, 2020) Injected Media, a digital marketing company known for advocating for technology growth in the Tucson and throughout the Southwest, has established a Small Business Grant Program to assist locally owned businesses and organizations in Arizona during the COVID-19 crisis. The grants provided are set between $500 and $5,000 of online marketing services based on various degrees of need to adapt their business to online activity. The awarded services were selected (and designed) to help small businesses to address dramatic business changes forced on them due to quarantine shutdown, like selling online, SMS text-based customer communication, web-based scheduling, working with remote employees or contractor teams, or even doing digital fundraising campaigns.

Status of 2020 Small Business Grant Program

Closed for applications. Must be submitted prior to May 1, 2020.

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For businesses not already realizing a percentage of their revenue from online activities, or who were simply not online at all, many were required to quickly upend their operations and figure out how to survive during the pandemic crisis. This comes at a time during which many businesses were navigating erratic economic conditions, layoffs, furloughs, travel restrictions, and other sudden workplace changes. Dominique Villela, venture capitalist and founder of Injected Media, says of the experience in talking with local businesses daily:

Business owners are under a tremendous amount of pressure right now. Unfortunately, many still think web marketing is a purely aesthetic expense and now so many are being forced to learn how to get online simply to keep their operation afloat. Even worse, some offline business owners refuse to shut down and are running ‘quietly’, forcing their employees to physically come in to work or face termination through quarantine. While it’s obvious they can grow their revenue options online, refusing to adapt and use remote tools is now connected to a serious health concern.

While this is a less common example, Villela explained that some companies may simply need to adjust their online presence to integrate online payments or communicate effectively with their staff or customers. Many businesses are not familiar with these types of solutions and prior to the grant, Injected Media’s team had been working to provide guidance to direct them towards proven (often free) tools available online. Learn More & Apply Here >

The key solutions that may be provided through the new grant include:

  • Web based communications for employees or customers, including SMS text messaging, video conferencing, chat, and other help-desk type solutions
  • Remote task coordination or team management
  • Online credit card processing
  • Fundraising or taking donations online
  • Sales and promotion

Injected Media joins a list of other organizations like Facebook, COX, Salesforce, Vistaprint, and Verizon, in providing community-based grants that are more unique to supporting digital marketing needs during the pandemic.

Injected Media is now receiving applications on their website and awards will be granted throughout April, May, and June. Applicants who also applied to the SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and other SBA loan type programs are encouraged to apply.