Will I be able to review and approve website work?


For Creative Agency Style processes, our team enjoys including clients throughout the process and may send regular updates and screenshots for your feedback. Additionally, we offer 2 rounds of edits for you to review, so that you can request updates to your site before the job is completed and the site is taken live. For ongoing content edits after the site is complete, we offer Monthly Web Support.

However, we do offer 2 types of design processes to choose from:

Option 1. Creative Agency Style Process (Slower Process, Higher Risk, Cheaper): We work with you through the entire web design process, collecting your imagery and your content, and provide you with limited feedback on graphics and “word-smithing”.

Option 2. Hacker Methodology (Faster Process, Less Risk, More Investment Up Front, Overall Higher Impact and Greater Results): We assess your market, competitors, and make sure that the site we build for you meets (and usually exceeds) performance. All content is inspired by your input, but final wording, imagery, and design is determined by our experience, intuition, analytics, and research relative to your market. 95%+ client satisfaction and ideal for business owners who don’t have time to go through the agency process.

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