Company Profile

Injected Media (IM) was founded in 2011 by Dominique Villela in Tucson, Arizona.

Dominique started an early career within Information Technology, working for high-tech companies in Tucson, New York, and Seattle. In graduate school at the University of Arizona, Dominique was given an engineering research opportunity that required strategic commercialization of energy-focused prototypes in a live industrial setting. It was during his time in R&D that he began to appreciate that high-tech companies needed a distinct kind of marketing for their adoption and ultimate success in the market: Technology Marketing.

In cooperation with multidisciplinary engineers and scientists of all kinds, Dominique (an engineer himself) has lead his team to increase awareness of technology throughout the local start-up ecosystem. The Injected Media team is often invited to speak at business colleges and to work with commercialization offices (tech-transfer) within academia. Each team member contributes at some level to the technology world, whether at a local event or an international conference. Learn about our team >

In just 4+ years, IM has grown to provide its suite of services for over 30+ local and global technology companies. The team has had the opportunity to work across a broad range of tech industries, and is joined by a strong advisory needed to target unique client applications. Today, Injected Media’s team continues to work closely with client stakeholders, their technical staff, and internal sales teams to perfect their marketing strategy.

Our goal? To make technology companies successful.

High-tech companies need a unique kind of marketing for their adoption and ultimate success in the market.