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Injected Media (IM) provides intelligent branding across all visual media to give real innovation the acclamation it deserves. IM’s portfolio of experience includes strategic marketing, planning, and expert execution. Our work includes digital design, website design and development, and company and product branding. We provide precision promotional coverage using social media, SEO, and beautiful photo and video to drive attention to client brands.

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Web Design + Development

Mobile-ready and fully responsive with brilliant colors, we develop beautiful high-impact websites that target your customer and the way they think. Our sites are always fast-loading, SEO-ready, and easily maintained. Monthly support available.


Whether your customer base consists of a single neighborhood or is spread around the globe, we set a baseline, advance your search engine visibility, and measure results that matter. Analysis, reporting, and budget management are available.

Social Media

We’re crazy about social media. With our strategy and social campaigns, we’ll make sure your voice is heard. We capture fans, maintain sharp messaging, and engage with online communities to push your brand.

Photography + Video

Our expert commercial photographers and videographers have HD capabilities. We provide product, staff, and facility photography. Our video production is available on-site or within our studio.

Software + Mobile

We can design the concept you need and write the code. We develop user-friendly interfaces with advanced logic and database architecture to support it. We’re agile and are prepared for testing, launching, and supporting.

Digital Advertising + SEM

We produce ad campaigns, target your online audience and attract them to engage with your brand. We are active in targeting ads that are geofenced to the appropriate audience, and responsive to understand your true market. Analysis, reporting, and budget management are available.

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Identity and Branding

We create brands, relaunch existing brands, and re-brand. Your identity is developed and curated for digital and print use. Corporate, product, and concept.

Content Development + Messaging

We are committed to quickly learning your business needs and developing content that is clear and accessible. We write copy that is powerful, yet approachable for all levels of customers – from decision-makers to technicians.

Marketing Brief + Plan

We develop strategic marketing briefs and plans that serve as a guide for your business and your team. These feature: Vision, Mission, Values, Tagline/Slogan/Descriptors, and Positioning Statements. Key Marketing Objectives are outlined to include Messaging, Demographic, Distribution and Marketing Channels, Marketing Actions and Timelines, and Supporting Graphic Representations.

Market Research

We connect the dots by identifying and analyzing client products, business, and competitors. Research across the market and B2B/consumer base provides opportunities to deliver on short-term goals, tactical/responsive positioning, and long-term success.

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Case Studies

Our team writes strategic case studies – research, theoretical, qualitative and quantitative. Customers establish credibility and a track record of business development, helping them adjust their technology and associated marketing to fit the ideal market.

Technical Documentation and Manuals

Attractive eye-catching documentation is designed and developed to be user-friendly, for any level of technical skill. Our team works with your technical staff to identify critical information as well as strategic messaging and design. We produce for both product lines and service offerings, to include software and concept documentation.

Product Brochures + Specification Sheets

We depict products and technologies to make them transparent, tangible, and attractive to your customers. Full product line sheets, product catalogs, and specifications sheets are designed for-print (high-resolution) and for online (web-ready) use.

2D and 3D Concept Design, Schematic + Simulation

We bring client technologies and products to life with digital renderings and online imagery. Our team can produce life-like fly-bys, 360° rotation stages, and digital renderings for presentation and investor inquiries. We work closely with engineering firms to produce designs that are exact to the functional prototype.

How-to Videos

We produce technology and product advertisement video, overview and how-to videos. We explain difficult concepts using a clear and concise approach to online training for non-technical audiences. Our videos are HD and our team is ready for production on-site or within our fully equipped studio.

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Our portfolio of experience includes strategic marketing, planning, and expert execution. Interested in learning more? Give us a call.

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