Video & Photography

People love photos and video…and because of that, search engines are putting more priority on sites that have lots of it. While we can surely go into a full production of hour-long video, for the purpose of marketing, we rarely need more than a minute of video. If you’re trying to get popular or drive awareness and sales, you’ll want to have us produce some great photos and videos to share. Unlike other video companies or purely photographic artists, we design for online use and are trained for commercial product photography.

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Teaser Videos (1-Min. or Less)

Quick commercial? Product overview? Hiring promo?

Nothing beats video content and Google rates it highly. We produce high-definition video for digital formats and use on websites, social media, and even for sharing from mobile-to-mobile device. Every website deserves a fresh promotional video to feature your product, service, brand, or even a message from your CEO or founder.

Pricing: Starting at $2,000.00


  • HUGE value for price compared to production houses
  • Websites with video get rated higher by Google
  • Share on social media and via text message
  • Videos expand reach and engagement
  • Includes sound, music, effects, and video footage (real or stock)
  • Ask about additional options like: Onsite filming, how-to videos, or product demo videos (or slideshows). 

Digital Photography

Ready for real product photos? Exciting examples of your work? 

We’re product photographers, and that means something. Our photographers storyboard and are trained to capture relevant features of your company ongoings, events, teams/staff, or even features and examples of your services. Our photos are designed for digital usage on websites, social media, and are small enough to text to a friend or customer. Ideal for someone who has an online store or wants to show off their facility. We also provide on site real estate photography.

Pricing: Starting at $500.00 with monthly options available


  • We are commercial grade photographers, trained for product imagery online
  • Photos of products, services, staff (headshots), and facilities (including real estate portfolios)
  • On site or in studio
  • Ask about additional options like: Monthly photography packages, post-editing for various formats, and 1-on-1 photography lessons.

Video is one thing.
Getting it out is another.

Starting a vlog or podcast? With our managed social media you can leverage powerful platforms to expand your reach.

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