Digital PR

Soon, press releases will be a thing of the past. Keeping a relationship going with your customers and fans online requires a lot more than a yearly publication. To maintain a reputation you must produce a real digital footprint. To do that, we provide our clients with strategically timed content, research, and carefully designed digital content across all channels. Here are some of the more obvious ones. 

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Press Releases and Media Releases

Recent hire? new client? money raised? Share it with the world.

Because we’re hungry for market knowledge, we keep track of industries online and use what we know about SEO to craft a press release that will have a long lasting impact on your visibility. While we provide single press releases, we also provide full press campaigns, ensuring that your brand stays at the top and gains more online traffic. Local, statewide, national, or global.

Pricing: Starting at $2,000.00


  • PR by digital experts means more eyes online
  • Highly specific wording
  • Timed releases in-step with market fluctuations or events
  • Media releases and outreach to journals, publications, and local press for increased republication
  • Ask about additional options like: Our newsroom services, social media management, or a landing page for tracking and capturing leads that resulted from your PR work online. Learn more about our newsroom services here >

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