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Traffic Control

Audience Blueprint, Traffic Prep, Monitoring, & Forensics


We work with our clients to prepare IT and digital assets for high volumes of online traffic. Our aim is to attract the marketplace and capture interested parties by providing easy-to-contact media desks for each client release. After designing our audience demographics and news is released via our private channels, we monitor, manage, and carefully examine opportunities to impact the client brand. This story and all social engagement becomes a body of work that solidifies business dealings for client stakeholders and brand. This means deals are transacted with confidence, share pricing is evaluated higher, and there is a shared sense of urgency across the brand.


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Social Command Center & Viral Marketing

We train everyone within client organizations – including executives – to lead discussion and engagement online about company offerings. Injected Media delivery mechanisms and reach are more effective than our competitors because of our technique, our content, and our exclusive access to patented and licensed marketing tools. Using resonation and remarketing of high-impact content across social channels, we execute our strategy to achieve sales opportunities for the client company. We create a sense of urgency for client partnerships and and all financial transactions. We create momentum.

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The Injected Media Pressroom welcomes submissions of content by clients and credentialed media. The Pressroom is available to schedule any interviews or requests for content from client companies represented, where Injected Media is the “Agency of Record”. Direct all submissions or inquiries to the contact information below.

Injected Media Pressroom | Hours: 8:00AM – 8:00PM MST (Arizona)

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